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Taylor Swift Cried To Selena Gomez At The Grammys After Her Performance

Listen, guys, being famous is no different than every choir concert you sang in during high school. Just ask Taylor Swift.

After Swift performed “Out of the Woods” to open the Grammy Awards Monday night, she turned to her bestie/date for the evening, Selena Gomez, for comfort.

Nervous she missed a note, Tay Tay dabbed a tear from the corner of her eye while the “Hands to Myself” singer reassured her.

Taylor, or Baby Anna Wintour as we shall all come to know her thanks to her new bob, ended up forgetting her fleeting disappointment when 1989, her album, beat out a list of tough contenders for the Grammy Award for Album of the Year.

By then, Baby Anna Wintour was so concerned with sticking it to Kanye West, the memory of her perceived mistake was but a whisper in the back of her mind.

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