Taylor Swift Could Have To Face This Really Uncomfortable Situation In Court


Taylor Swift has an issue to take care of, and that issue could lead her to a potentially uncomfortable position.

Swift will soon have to submit a deposition, according to The Hollywood Reporter, an obligation that could require her to come face to face with a man she accused of sexual harassment.

That man is David Mueller, a former Coloradan radio host who lost his job after Swift alleged he groped her in 2013 at a meet-and-greet.

Mueller sued Swift for slander, and in response, the singer countersued Mueller for sexual assault and battery, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Taylor Swift's deposition will require her to recount the events at the center of the legal dispute and, because a judge shot down her request to prohibit Mueller from the deposition, Mueller could be present.

Swift's team also sought to ensure the deposition would not be taped, but the judge denied that request as well, which means, as THR's report mentions, we all could one day see a video of Swift's testimony surface in front of the public eye, something that's occurred with Justin Bieber among other celebrities.

But, that would only happen if the case doesn't get settled and goes to trial, with the judge ruling,

Only an original videotape will be made of Ms. Swift's deposition. The original videotape shall remain in the custody of Mr. Jesse Schaudies, Ms. Swift's business manager. Plaintiff's counsel must be provided reasonable access to the videotape.

Still, it looks like Taylor Swift could have to describe a case of sexual offense, which she described as "outrageous and humiliating" in court papers, in front the man who is accused of doing the sexual offending. Safe to say, that is far from ideal.

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