Taylor Swift May Have Had A Wedding Video Banned For The Dumbest Reason

by Katie Corvino

Taylor, are you there? I have a message for you, so I hope you're listening.

YouTube vloggers Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton recently married and shared the happiest day of their lives.

They exchanged vows and speeches and had their first dance to one of Taylor Swift's songs. It was a magical experience for both of them.

Unfortunately, though, the newlyweds said they found their video's audio was removed from YouTube due to Swift's strict copyright laws. In other words, the couple's recorded memories of their special day were reportedly completely erased.

Rose tweeted several times to try to reach out to Taylor.

She wants her story to be spread in hopes of having her audio back.

Come on, Taylor. Help them out.

It looks like the whole Twitter community is coming together to help the couple. Rose's tweets have been retweeted thousands of times. However, Taylor Swift has not yet commented.

I wish the couple the best and hope they can one day relive the magic of their wedding by having their video restored.

I guess I've learned today that Taylor Swift will not be played at my wedding. Sorry, Tay; I pick Beyoncé.

Update 3:57 pm: Apparently, the audio is back. Thanks, Taylor?

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