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This Fan Casually Joined Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris' Date Night (Photo)

I'm not quite sure what I would do if I saw my favorite celebrity couple in person.

Imagine you're out to dinner one night with some friends. You turn your head to grab your waiter's attention when suddenly you see Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris sitting together on a date.

What the hell would you do? I probably would bawl my eyes out, take blurry pictures on Snapchat and then hide in the bathroom.

Well, it looks like a Talvin fan actually lived this reality but handled the experience much better than I would have.

Ricky Selby, a young fan, actually sat with the two and joined their date. Don't believe me?

Check the proof out for yourself.

Selby captioned the photo,

Awesome dinner with mom and dad.

There you have it. Next time Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris show up at a restaurant together, you know what to do.

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