Taylor Swift's latest Instagram has fans wondering if she could be hinting toward her next album re-...

Taylor Swift’s Birthday Post Might’ve Teased Her Next Re-Release

The Easter eggs are endless.

Catherine Powell/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Dec. 13, Taylor Swift turned 33. To celebrate the milestone, the star announced on Instagram that she was hard at work making music again. Swift shared a photo of herself and her longtime collaborator, Jack Antonoff, in the recording studio as proof that she’s up to some musical magic. That might not be all. Some eagle-eyed fans noticed that Swift may have dropped clues in her photo related to her ongoing album re-releases.

In the photo, Swift is sitting on the floor of a recording studio as she holds three fingers up in each of her hands. Antonoff is pictured sitting beside her in a chair while playing acoustic guitar. “Thanks for all the beautiful wishes today!! I spent my 33rd birthday in the studio of course 😏 Wouldn’t have it any other way. Love you!” Swift captioned the photo.

After Swift shared the photo, a TikToker known as NicksMyName went viral for pointing out that Swift’s birthday Instagram could feature a few hidden Easter eggs. Hold on, there’s a lot of information to parse through.

The first theory concerns the three fingers Swift is holding up on each hand. NicksMyName said in their TikTok the number three could indicate she’s dropping a re-recorded version of her third studio album, Speak Now. The record originally came out in October 2010. After all, she did include several Speak Now references in her recent “Bejeweled” music video, which premiered on Oct. 25.

NicksMyName also suggested Swift held up the number three twice as a hint toward her re-recorded album’s release date. “What date is 3/3? March 3, 2023,” the TikToker said. “What f*cking day is March 3? You know the answer. It’s a Friday!” Many artists release music on Fridays because the when tracking for the Billboard charts begins.

In a follow-up video, NicksMyName noted Swift may have deliberately chosen a purple-colored filter for her post because that color is associated with Speak Now. On the Speak Now album cover, Swift wore a purple dress.

Outside of Speak Now, NicksMyName also spotted possible Easter eggs pointing to other past albums. For example, the polaroid in the background of the photo could point toward a 1989 re-release because that album art for this record is a polaroid of Swift.

Meanwhile, NicksMyName theorized the dollar bill on top of her keyboard in the photo could be a reference to Reputation, her sixth studio album that dropped in 2017. That same year, Swift’s 2017 sexual assault trial, which ended Swift successfully winning a lawsuit against a DJ named David Mueller for sexual assault. Mueller paid Swift just $1.

To add on to the Reputation theory, the six fingers Swift is holding up in the photo could also be interpreted as a reference to Reputation being her sixth album.

So those are the birthday post theories. Will it be Speak Now, 1989 or Reputation re-released next? And where were the clues for her 2006 self-titled debut album? It’s anyone’s guess.