Taylor Swift's easter eggs in her "The Joker and the Queen" music video seem to hint at a '1989' re-...

Taylor's Latest Video Is Filled With Easter Eggs Hinting At A 1989 Re-Release

Our wildest dreams might be coming true.

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It’s back down the rabbit hole for Swifties. On Thursday, Feb. 10, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift dropped a new version of his song “The Joker and The Queen,” which was accompanied by an emotional new music video. In true Swift form, the video had loads of easter eggs and throwbacks to the superstar’s other work, most notably the “Everything Has Changed” music video child actors Ava Ames and Jack Lewis returning for another video. But what really has superfans talking are the easter eggs that hint at 1989 (Taylor’s Version) possibly being on the horizon. Here are all of Taylor Swift’s 1989 easter eggs in “The Joker and The Queen” music video that have Swifties convinced of her next re-release.

Swifties have been anticipating 1989 to be the next album on Taylor’s list to re-record since the release of Red (Taylor’s Version) dropped on Nov. 12. It all started when a fan shared one important detail about the “All Too Well” 10-minute music video. In one scene, Dylan O'Brien and Sadie Sink are shown heading upstate in none other than a 1989 Mercedes Benz. Swift even commented about the car choice on the video, writing “Can't stop won't stop being cryptic and weird. That’s just the beginning it's gonna be a fun week.”

And let’s not forget she released her new version of “Wildest Dreams” in September 2021, which is the ninth track on 1989.

Now, the theories are even stronger than ever, because Swifties definitely caught some easter eggs that nod at 1989 being the next re-recorded album in her “The Joker and the Queen” video.

Need a rundown? Here are all the cryptic little clues that seem to suggest 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is coming soon.

Five Windows

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In any other world, the number of windows on a house may seem irrelevant, but Swift is known to play with any and all sorts of small aesthetic details to convey a message. And with 1989 being her fifth studio album, it’s hard to not read into the five windows on the house featured in the video.

The Classroom

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The story of “The Joker and the Queen” shows the characters starting a new life in college as they adjust to going their separate ways. In one scene, we see Ames’ character attending class and taking notes. As normal as this setting may seem, it could be a slight nod towards Swift’s “New Romantics.” The song is the 16th track on 1989 and we hear Swift sing, “Honey, life is just a classroom.” Coincidence? Maybe not.

The Music Room

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This scene looks way too familiar. Lewis’ character of The Joker is seen in the music room lined up alongside other musicians. And if put side-by-side with Swift’s “Shake It Off” music video, which also has her lined up with her band in a very similar formation, Swifties can’t stop and won’t stop drawing 1989 comparisons.

The Food Choices

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Swifties are also reading into the food choices the characters are seen eating in the music video. We see The Joker snacking on five Doritos and a box of apple juice. Again, in Swift’s world, this could be a nod at her fifth album —1989— and the Big Apple, which points towards her first track on the album, “Welcome to New York.” The Queen is also seen enjoying a New York Cheesecake, another “Welcome to New York” nod making fans think 1989 is for sure the next album on Taylor’s list.

The Text Conversation

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If you think this test conversation looks familiar, you’re correct. These are actual text messages Taylor and Ed exchanged in 2015 while Swift was in Tokyo preparing for her 1989 tour. Swift shared a screenshot of this conversation on her IG and, now, recreated the interaction in “The Joker and the Queen.”

And if you look closely, the messages are marked at 5:35 p.m.. The play with the numbers 5 and 3 could be a reference to Swift acknowledging that her fandom are currently trying to guess if she’ll re-record her fifth album (1989) or third album (Speak Now) next. But, with the number 5 coming first and appearing twice, the 1989 predictions definitely seem more prominent.