SZA reportedly confirmed she once hopped on an unreleased remix of The Weeknd's 2016 single, "Die Fr...

SZA Recorded An Unreleased Remix Of This Classic The Weeknd Song

They need to drop the track, like right now.

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It’s always interesting to see an artist revamp their biggest hits with a remix. Sometimes, adding these fresh layers can elevate a track to a whole new level. That said, not all mixes get released, and it turns out The Weeknd may have almost dropped a remix of his 2016, “Die For You,” featuring SZA. Interestingly, it seems the song could finally be released, nearly six years later. BRB, creating a petition for this to actually happen.

Pop Crave, the pop culture news updates account on Twitter, reported on Nov. 22 that SZA responded to an Instagram fan account asking about a rumored remix of “Die For You.” The Weeknd’s song first appeared on his 2016 album, Starboy.

The Instagram fan account SZA reportedly responded to is @solanachile. On Nov. 21, they posted a screenshot of a tweet from another Twitter updates account, The Pop Tingz, that suggested SZA may have recorded a remix of “Die For You.” The Instagram post also included a soundbite they allege is the “Die For You” remix, featuring SZA.

“Sza I know you don’t like rumors, can you clarify this for us?? #sza #theweeknd,” the fan account wrote in the caption.

According to Pop Crave, the “Good Days” singer reportedly left a comment under the Instagram post. However, no comment from SZA is currently under the fan account’s post. “Lmao it’s super old but it does exist . I should re record it,” SZA reportedly commented.

The fan Instagram account posted a second time on Nov. 21 about the rumored remix. “@theweeknd They should publish the official demo in the streaming services, it would be crazy. 😩😩😩😩😩 #sza #theweeknd #dieforyou,” the caption read.

SZA commented on this post as well, and her comment is still up. However, it doesn’t seem she’s interested in releasing the demo track. “Lol omg that’s terrible ionno what that is,” she wrote.

It’s not exactly clear when the revamped track may have been recorded or why it’s being discussed now. However, if The Weeknd had it his way, the remix would be released in some fashion. On Nov. 22, the Dawn FM singer quote tweeted Pop Crave’s Nov. 22 post with a simple, “yes please.”

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Let’s be real, SZA and The Weeknd would definitely strike gold by officially releasing this remix. SZA’s soft and sultry vocals tend to excel on velvety, R&B synths, and the production of “Die For You” embodies that sort of arrangement. That said, if this re-recording never happens, at least fans still have the duo’s official 2019 collaboration, “Power Is Power,” to jam out to.