In a new interview with 'British GQ,' Sydney Sweeney addressed the backlash to photos from her mom's...

Sydney Sweeney Didn’t Like The Backlash To Those Family Party Photos

She opened up in a recent interview.

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Three months ago, Sydney Sweeney faced backlash after she and other family members posted photos from her mother’s 60th birthday party on Instagram. In a few of the photos, some guests at the party wore what looked to be hats inspired by Donald Trump’s MAGA slogan. Sweeney recently opened up about how the online criticism affected her in a Nov. 11 interview with British GQ, though she made it clear she’s hesitant to speak at all about the party.

“Honestly, I feel like nothing I say can help the conversation,” she said. “It’s been turning into a wildfire and nothing I can say will take it back to the correct track.”

As revealed in an August Instagram post by Sydney’s brother, Trent Sweeney, the hats read, “Make Sixty Great Again.” Since Donald Trump wore “Make America Great Again” hats throughout his presidential campaign, some fans assumed it meant her family supported the former president. MSNBC reported an attendee also wore a Blue Lives Matter shirt. It’s worth noting Sweeney has not publicly backed Trump.

Sydney responded to the backlash in an Aug. 27 Twitter post. “You guys this is wild. An innocent celebration for my moms milestone 60th birthday has turned into an absurd political statement, which was not the intention,” she said. “Please stop making assumptions. Much love to everyone ❤️ and Happy Birthday Mom!”

Her response elicited a series of critiques in the comments by Twitter users unhappy with the birthday photos.

Evidently, the backlash got to Sydney, as she also revealed to GQ that she “sadly” does read negative comments about her online.

“I’ll see people say, ‘She needs to get media training.’ Why, do you want to see a robot?” she said. “I don’t think there’s any winning.”