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Kendall And Logan Meet Face-To-Face In This Tense Succession Promo

I can't look!

by Ani Bundel
Macall B. Polay/HBO

Things are heating up in the battle for control of Waystar Royco. The first three episodes of Season 3 saw the fight tilt in one direction and then the other. Team Kendall gained the upper hand early on by getting the correct layer, but Team Logan threw a knockout punch in Episode 2 with a well-timed box of donuts. Episode 3 could be considered a draw — Team Kendall took a gut punch from the press, but Team Logan took it in the jaw from the DOJ. Now, the Succession Season 3, Episode 4 promo promises a momentary truce, because everyone can agree to put their differences aside when there’s money to be made.

Warning: Spoilers for Succession Season 3, Episode 3 follow. Is there anything more dramatic than an open letter from a sibling publicly laying bare all of your faults? For Kendall Roy, Shiv’s “Greeting Card from Hell” was, well, a shiv to the heart. His emotional collapse backstage in the late-night show’s server room after hearing it read aloud seemed like Team Logan had won this round.

But can you be said to be winning when the FBI shows up at the front door with a search warrant and no inclination to “f*ck off”? Team Logan was left scrambling to look cooperative with the feds while investors were shaking.

Speaking of investors, let’s meet billionaire Josh Aaronson, who makes his first appearance in the Episode 4 trailer:

The title of Episode 4 is “Lion in the Meadow.” The synopsis for the episode reads, “Logan and Kendall have their first meeting together with Josh, a major investor worried about their family feud.”

Academy Award winner Adrien Brody makes his first appearance here as billionaire activist investor Josh Aaronson. Though fans have not met him previously, he’s one of Waystar’s significant shareholders, and he is not pleased with how things are going down between the Roy family and is about to orchestrate a “peace summit.”

But will Kendall and Logan lay down arms? Both are deeply wounded after Episode 3, and there’s a lot of ugliness to come back from. Remember, Kendall was initially supposed to go before the press and take the fall for the cruise line scandal so his father could survive; Logan was going to sacrifice him. For Kendall, going back to being on good terms with his father would mean capitulating to that once more. Meanwhile, Logan has never bent to anyone, anywhere. It’s why he’s the successful media mogul he is. Is he really going to bend the knee to his son, a boy he sees as not worthy of his kingdom? Doubtful.

Clearly, Aaronson has a lot of work ahead of him. Good thing he has the one thing that will get the attention of both of these men: money.

Succession Season 3 continues with new episodes Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and streaming on HBO Max immediately following.