Students Send Drake Tons Of 'Hotline Bling' Videos To Get Him To Visit

Students at the University of British Columbia in Canada stocked up on oversized, grey turtleneck sweaters and white, plastic tarps in the hopes of proving to Drake UBC is where he belongs.

From a Twitter account seemingly created specifically for the purpose of convincing Drake to visit, students vowed to release “Hotline Bling” parody videos every minute.

A preview of several students' videos was released Thursday in preparation for the Twitter marathon.

Several sneak peeks at solo videos made over a three-day span also made their way online.

With hundreds of videos on deck, the chances of Drake eventually seeing one of them are decent.

In an interview with CBC News, student Aaron Bailey shared,

Just looking through the videos, they're actually quite hilarious. So it's spam in a sense, but more of a plea for attention… Even if Drake doesn't come or doesn't get back to us or worst-case scenario, his Twitter account blocks us, if anything, I think it was just a cool community, culture-building around a Canadian artist and a musician who has made history, and it's good for our school.

Check UBC's "Hotline Bling" Twitter to catch the videos starting at 12 pm ET. And, Drake, since you're definitely reading this, do the students of UBC a solid.

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