Nancy and Jonathan in Stranger Things

That Stranger Things Rumor About Nancy And Jonathan Breaking Up Probs Isn't True

Here's the deal with those "leaked" scripts.


The final season of Stranger Things is going to have to answer a lot of questions, and some of the most pressing ones don’t even have to do with a portal-creating demon destroying the world. Yes, Vecna is a big deal, but for shippers invested in the romantic elements of the series, there are even bigger fish to fry. The fourth season saw Nancy torn between her supportive BF, Jonathan. and her newly heroic ex, Steve (and possibly even sparking something with awkward new friend Robin). Then, near the start of the long wait for Season 5, a rumor popped up that hinted who Nancy will end up with, until it was squashed when the Stranger Things writers denounced a fake Season 4 script leak.

The Nancy-Jonathan-Steve love triangle is undoubtedly Stranger Things’ most turbulent romantic drama. Nancy started off dating the self-centered bully Steve in Season 1, until she realized she deserved better after growing closer with the soulful, caring Jonathan. However, things got a lot more complicated in Season 4, as Jonathan’s lack of drive amid college decisions created a rift between himself and Nancy, all while Nancy started to realize Steve had evolved into a much braver, more selfless person.

Season 4 ended with fans totally divided over who Nancy should end up with, and things only got more chaotic when script pages that gave more context to Season 4 were seemingly leaked. In early August, about a month after Season 4’s finale released, script pages went viral that seemed to reveal Nancy had fully moved on from Jonathan. In the pages, non-dialogue notes about the scene reportedly provided more insight into Nancy’s conversation with Steve toward the end of Season 4, as the gang drove toward their face-off with Vecna. While in the stolen RV, Steve tells Nancy about his dream of having a family of his own one day. It’s a particularly tender moment between the two exes, but the script page hinted it was a bigger deal than viewers realized. Fans zeroed in on a stage direction claiming Nancy had forgotten all about her relationship with Jonathan in that moment:

A moment; they lock eyes: Nancy's BASHFUL smile; chin lowered… Jonathan who?

The “leaked” script convinced fans Nancy would inevitably end up with Steve in the final season... but only for a moment. After catching wind of the Jancy breakup rumors, the Stranger Things writing team confirmed in an Aug. 9 tweet that the script was fake.

After the confirmation, Jancy shippers rejoiced online that their fave couple still has a fighting chance to end up together.

So, now sets of shippers are back to the drawing board. Both Jancy and Stancy clearly have a strong shot at being endgame. And then there’s also the increasingly popular Ronance ship, as well as the possibility Nancy could choose to be alone at the end of it all. Since Stranger Things 5 isn’t predicted to arrive anytime soon, fans will have a long time to theorize and make the best case for their chosen ship.