Stranger Things' Parody Wins MTV Movie & TV Awards

by Kylie McConville

The cast of Stranger Things ruled the MTV Movie & TV Awards red carpet, and then Millie Bobby Brown absolutely took the cake as the most lovable/adorable/perfect winner of the night (taking home the honor for Best Actor In A Show). Though the show was really about celebrating all of this year's standout movies and TV, let's be real: it was the Stranger Things show. And keeping with the theme of the night, the Stranger Things spoof with Barb at the MTV Movie & TV Awards was the highlight of the show.

The bit was one of host Adam DeVine's best of the night. Kicking off the parody, DeVine teased Allison Williams about the Sunken Place from Get Out — Williams said it wasn't real, and when DeVine didn't take the bait, Williams promised to show him just how untrue it was. Turns out, that was a really bad, really genius move.

Williams stirred her cup of tea three times, and boom — down DeVine went into the Sunken Place. Only this Sunken Place was also moonlighting as the Upside Down, complete with Barb and a few, uh, very special guests.

Some fans thought connecting the Sunken Place with the Upside Down was absolutely genius

But others were quick to point out the hypocrisy of having a white man co-opt Get Out's storyline

Of course, it's likely that DeVine meant the bit to very much be a light-hearted take on two of the biggest releases of the year, and combining the two places was absolutely genius. (After all that happened in 2016 and all that's happened so far in 2017, a merger of the Sunken Place with the Upside Down kind of feels pretty accurate, TBQH.)

All I'm saying is, I don't care if the demogorgon had three or four penises in the Upside Down/Sunken Place — all I care is that it had Barb, and Trey Songz. So basically, sign me up.