Barb Is The Best Part Of Epic 'Stranger Things' And 'Charlie Brown' Mashup

by Eitan Levine

RIP Barb.

Let's all take a moment to acknowledge the best part of this brilliant "Charlie Brown"/ "Stranger Things" mashup: Barb, the forgotten hero of Hawkins.

It can't be overstressed how much Barb's existence in the show makes absolutely no sense. She sticks around for the first few episodes of the series as Nancy Wheeler's friend before being tossed into the Upside Down and eventually fucked up by a Demogorgon.

What's more is the town seems to instantly not care about her disappearance.

Literally nobody brings her up again aside from Nancy in passing once or twice for a second or two before getting back into her weird love triangle.

This was actually not out of the norm for how the town of Hawkins seems to handle disappearances.

Remember those hunters in the beginning of the first episode? Yeah, same... barely. They go missing and are never brought up again. Plus, the town seems to do everything in its power to force Joyce Byers to forget about her son and move on.

Barb was an unfortunate PR casualty in the show, lost in the shuffle amongst bigger stories and characters.

It doesn't mean she didn't resonate with people, though, and thanks to this mashup, she finally gets the small shout out she deserves.

The concept of "A Stranger Things Christmas" special is sort of perfect.

The "Charlie Brown" cast is full of innocent kids who don't see eye-to-eye (both literally and figuratively) with the rest of the world, just like the "ST" crew.

Both shows feature characters who go on their own personal adventures, handling their business without influence from adults. And, in all honesty, when adults do get involved in the plot of "Stranger Things" they might as well be making trombone noises because the kids don't listen.

Can someone please turn this into a full hour-long feature crossover?