The cast of 'Grey's Anatomy' spinoff 'Station 19.'

5 Reasons To Watch Station 19 If You Love Grey's Anatomy

These Seattle firefighters have just as much drama as the Grey Sloan docs.


It’s easy to see why Grey’s Anatomy has been around for so long. From compelling characters to instantly iconic storylines, it’s TV gold. But if you’ve already made your way through the series and are looking for a brand-new story to fill the void, may I suggest its spinoff show? I know it’s hard to compete with Meredith Grey and her gang, but there are plenty of reasons to watch (and love!) Station 19 if you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan.

To recap: Station 19, which premiered in 2018, follows the firefighters at Seattle’s Station 19 fire station as they take on fiery emergencies and somehow find time to feel the heat in their personal lives. Since Station 19 takes place in the same universe as Grey’s Anatomy, viewers are bound to see some familiar faces, whether through crossover episodes or because some Grey’s characters ended up becoming main or supporting characters on Station 19 (notably, there’s plenty of Bailey and Ben content).

But even if you’re a hardcore Grey’s Anatomy fan, you may be wondering whether it’s worth giving the spinoff show a chance in the first place. Why not just rewatch the series that started it all? I’m here to tell you that if you fell in love with Grey’s, a Station 19 watch could be right up your alley. Let’s break down the main reasons to watch it:

1. It has the same winning formula

Station 19 features all the high-stakes cases, lovable leads, and steamy romances that made Grey’s Anatomy such a hit. While it has plenty to offer on its own, its basic format is bound to appeal to Grey’s devotees.

2. Viewers get more insight into Ben and Bailey’s marriage


Ben Warren and Miranda Bailey are one of the most beloved Grey’s couples out there, and if you’ve ever wished to see more of their relationship, Station 19 is the show for you. Since Ben is now a firefighter and a lead character on the series, fans get to enjoy a little extra time with this power duo.

3. Other Grey’s characters get extra time to shine

Apart from Ben, Grey’s fans will be happy to know that surgeon Carina DeLuca, who forms a relationship with Station 19 captain Maya Bishop, also gets her fair share of screentime. Several fan-favorite Grey’s characters have also played an important role in multiple episodes of the series, from Jackson Avery to Levi Schmidt.

4. It tackles important issues


Like Grey’s Anatomy, this series tackles real-world issues to inform each episode’s cases and help educate viewers along the way. In Season 4 alone, Station 19 has taken on crucial topics like the mass Black Lives Matter protests that took place after the police murder of George Floyd and the insidious ways child trafficking still takes place in the United States.

5. It fleshes out the Grey’s universe

It seems like Grey’s and Station 19 crossover episodes are here to stay, and while watching both shows definitely helps those installments make more sense, it also makes them that much more impactful. Watching DeLuca’s untimely death or the young victims of a car crash’s fight to stay alive becomes all the more poignant when you can connect with the full weight of what each crossover episode represents.

Ultimately, no matter what drew you to Grey’s Anatomy in the first place, you may very well find that Station 19 is a journey also worth taking.

Station 19 airs on Thursdays before Grey’s Anatomy on ABC.