Spoilers: 'Game Of Thrones' Actor Instagrams Picture Of Season 6 Script

“Game of Thrones” fans, today is your lucky day.

Earlier this evening, one of GoT's newest cast members, Elie Haddad, leaked some season six spoilers after Instagramming a page from the script.

Though Haddad deleted the Instagram moments after posting it, some crafty fans were able to screenshot the image and decipher the minuscule text.

The scene seems to involve two Dothraki talking about Khaleesi. The dialogue, interpreted by Zap2it, is as follows:

'She's paler than milk,' one character says, referring to the Khaleesi — in this instance, most likely Daenerys (Emilia Clarke). The other replies, 'I bet she gets nice and pink when you pinch her.' From there, one says, 'I'd like to know what a Khaleesi tastes like,' while the other fires back, 'Good. You can suck my d***.'

Gotta love HBO.

The sixth season of “Game of Thrones” premieres on HBO next spring.

a new #goT actor ellie haddad accidentally shared a picture on instagram [now deleted] you can see some details pic.twitter.com/RKFhRgF9tL — andee olivares (@o3flasho3) November 5, 2015

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