Spencer And Heidi Pratt Chose Their Baby's Name In The Most Speidi Way Possible


Leave it to Speidi to plan ahead when it comes to their unborn child's chances at stardom. Spencer and Heidi's baby name has been carefully chosen, and the couple's reasoning behind not seriously picking a few options might surprise you. Or not.

Some parents throw out baby names because they have a bad association with them or they don't like the way they sound, but Spencer Pratt has Insta-fame in mind when it comes to his kid. The former Hills star recently revealed on the Allegedly With Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss podcast that the availability of social media handles came into play when it came to narrowing in on a name for his son. "We had to ditch a couple names," he says.

That's not all he has in store for #BabyPratt. When asked about how the "attention" and "hustle" he's known for will play into his son's life, Spencer admitted that it will be "me times 1000." “This kid will have an iPhone at birth. I'm gonna teach this kid how to Snap when they're born, like, 'Put your finger here," he went on. 

He credits this attitude to the current age we're living in. 

You walk around, everybody's making their own content all day long. We live in a new world where everyone's a fame wh*re, so I'm happy to let him be at an advanced level.

Hmm. That's going to be one tech-savvy toddler. "I would just like my baby to be a professional content maker," he explained. 

Like father, like son. Spencer is no stranger to creating wild and, dare we say, engaging content on his Snapchat and other social media platforms. He recently made headlines when he created a very random lip-sync video for Taylor Swift's new single, "Look What You Made Me Do." The results? Well, the clip is ridiculously addictive.

Whether Spencer and Heidi go with a traditional name or their son ends up being called little Influencer Hashtag Pratt, we wish them all the best when they welcome their family's new addition this fall.