Is Sophia Burset In 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 5?

by Jamie LeeLo

Hold the freaking phone. Shut the freaking front door. Get the freaking freak out.

Is Sophia freaking BACK?!


Season three of "Orange Is The New Black" saw Laverne Cox's character, Sophia, head to the SHU "for her own protection." (Psshttt, yeah, right, if I had a dime for every time I was sent to the SHU for my own protection, blah, blah, blah... I mean what? Where am I?)

ANYWAY, after transphobic hate and conflict surround her and her salon, Sophia was taken to the isolation holding cell, and then she kind of just hung out there for most of season four.

And when I say hung out, I mean suffered.


Through a series of events including efforts to flood her own cell, setting it on fire and an alleged suicide attempt, Sophia finds herself back in her salon with Gloria (very dramatic, very touching, very Hollywood), and that's where we last saw her.

Now, the season five trailer has been released and boy-oh-boy does it look like the Queen is back.

Ya know, for like, a second, BUT HEY WE SAW HER FACE.


Let's get the most real. Sophia is one of most iconic characters to be portrayed on television, and the work actress Laverne Cox has accomplished has been nothing short of remarkable, and undeniably progressive for the LGBTQ community.

The inclusionary casting and wide range of diverse representation in OITNB is part of what makes it so great, and a Litchfield without Sophia is a Litchfield I don't want to be in.

Or, ya know, something, given that it is a prison and all I guess -- but no sense in wasting time on minor technicalities.

THE POINT IS THIS: The trailer looks down right insane and like some of the best TV 2017 is going to see.

We're here for you, Sophia. Waiting with our big, wide, open, orange jumpsuit-wearing arms.