This Is The Song A.D. Was Listening To On 'Pretty Little Liars'

by Alexandra Svokos
Freeform/Eric McCandless

A.D. drove off into the sunset at the end of this week's Pretty Little Liars.

In the car, A.D. turned the volume up on a slow, soulful song.

That song was none other than "Without You" by Harry Nilsson.

The song fits all the classic standards of an A.D./A/Uber-A hit. More often than not, an episode of Pretty Little Liars ends with A listening to some song.

The song would not be eerie except that A is involved.

The song is also usually an older one. A isn't jamming out to, like, Katy Perry.

"Without You" was originally written in 1970 and performed by the band Badfinger. So there you go -- old song.

Although, sidebar, Mariah Carey also performed it in the 1990s. But that wasn't the version A.D. was listening to.

The songs A listens to tend to be romantic, but that romance is made to seem terrifying given the context. This is exactly right for "Without You."

The lyrics are all about a bit of a rocky relationship, but the singer is very much in love.

"No, I can't forget this evening or your face as you were leaving," the song begins.

But soon, the drama: "You always smile but in your eyes your sorrow shows"

The chorus is simple, and it's what we heard during this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars.

"I can't live if living is without you. I can't live, I can't give anymore," the chorus goes.

This is fitting for what was happening in the episode. We finally found out who killed Charlotte -- which is all that A.D. claimed to want to know.

And with that information, the board game the liars had been subject to was abruptly shutdown. The gAme appears to be over.

The episode ends with a black-hooded A.D. literally driving off into the sunset, listening to this song on the radio.

So while it seems A.D. is done, A.D. seems to know she or he just can't live without the liars. We'll have to wait to see how it all goes down in the finale.