Snoop Dogg Is Finally Narrating An Animal Show Just Like 'Planet Earth'

By Julian Sonny
Merry Jane

Last year, when Jimmy Kimmel had Snoop Dogg narrate some clips of "Planet Earth," the public went berserk and demanded more. That performance inspired a real petition on Change.org called "Get Snoop Dogg to Narrate a Whole Season of Planet Earth," and guess what motherf*ckers, you just made it happen.

Finally, that dream has come into fruition and the legend himself has signed on with his website, Merry Jane, to give stoned, animal-loving Snoop Dogg fans exactly what they want.

For some reason, Snoop's observations, voice and point of view are just so much better than the British dude they had before.

A lot of that probably has to do with the fact that he's smoking a blunt the whole time, but the man is just a G and we should care what he thinks about nature.

You can watch a preview of the first episode above in a clip that features a duel between a squirrel and a snake.

Hearing Snoop on the track makes it must-stream TV. And...it's the perfect thing to watch when you're high.