7 Times Snooki And Jwoww From 'Jersey Shore' Were BFF Goals

by Becky Wandel

If the rumored reboot of Jersey Shore is really in the works, Snooki and Jwoww's friendship is definitely going to be the best part of that special. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was the wildcard drunk b*tch the show desperately needed, and Jenni "Jwoww" Farley was the fun-loving mom that kept her alive. Their BFF love glue held the whole shore house together.

Today, Snooki and Jwoww are still best friends (yay!!), which just makes this whole thing way better. Here's a look at some of their top-shelf BFF moments, at Seaside and beyond.

1. When Mike called Snooki fat, so Jwoww beat him up.

It was season one and the whole shore crew was enjoying a family dinner in Atlantic City. Mike "The Situation" and Snooki were already on the rocks when Snooki asked her waiter for a bread roll. Mike was quick to respond, “Don't worry, you've got a couple” -- definitely not meaning bread.

Sh*t hit the fan. Snooki left. Jwoww started hitting Mike and then delivered a spinning back punch that hit him right in the face. It was awesome. Props to Jwoww for putting her money where her mouth is. In her words, “You make fun of my girl. You take the consequence.”

2. When some guy stole Snooki's shot, so Jwoww beat him up.

“The day I knew I loved you is the day you got punched in the face.” The true birth of the greatest friendship in the mid-Atlantic. Again, it was Season 1. A guy at the bar was trying to steal Snooki and her roommate's shots. She was not going to stand for that, so she got in his face and told the guy off. Next thing you know, this dude is punching Snooki – 4'8” Snooki! – square in the face.

Jwoww went ballistic, gripping his collar and pounding him as hard as she could until the cops got there. She later said of the incident, “I only know I want to kill people when the person they hurt actually means something to me.” So that's how she knew. Aww.

3. When Jwoww helped Snooki get over Emilio.

Before Snooki found her husband, Jionni, and Jwoww found her beau, Roger, the two had some bad luck with various juiceheads, shrimps, and guidos. For example, Snooki's Season 1 boyfriend, Emilio, turned out to be a total a**hole and she dumped him in Miami.

After the breakup, she needed a good cry sesh and Jwoww was there. They burned his pictures together and moved on. BFF 101, right there.

4. When Snooki helped Jwoww break into her house to get her dogs back.

Before Roger, Jwoww was dating -- as Snooki called him -- “that f*cking rat, Tom,” and the pair had a messy breakup on the community duck phone.

Afterwards, Jwoww enlisted Snooki to drive back to her hometown, get her dogs away from her ex and change her locks. It was a big operation, but like any good best friend, Snooki accepted immediately. The mission was successful. They got the dogs, changed the locks, Jwoww called Roger, and the rest is shore history.

5. When Snooki basically threw Jwoww and Roger a wedding.

When Roger finally asked Jwoww to be his girlfriend in Season 3, Snooki was more excited than either of them. “I think Jenni and Roger are a perfect example of a guidette and a juicehead dating,” she said. Her reaction to the news that they were officially going steady was adorable. And if you can't count on your BFF to be happy for you when you find your juicehead dream guido, is there anything you can count on her for?

6. When they were in each other's weddings

Nicole threw a curveball in season one of Snooki & Jwoww by announcing that she was pregnant and engaged. What!

They were supposed to move in together! Jwoww was a little thrown off at first, but she followed suit soon after, getting engaged to her now-husband Roger the next year. Jwoww was a bridesmaid in Snooki's 2014 The Great Gatsby-themed wedding and Snooki was a bridesmaid in her beach ceremony the following year. Now, Jwoww and Snooki have two toddlers each and it's looking like they're going to be besties too. This is the stuff of BFF dreams, guys!

7. When they continue to create content together because they love each other.

The best part about Snooki and Jwoww? They're still going! The young moms contribute regular #momswithattitude segments to the millennial mommy vlog channel Awestruck in addition to each having their own channels.

In the videos, we see Snooki and Jwoww return to the shore house with their kids, visit with Sammi Sweetheart, make pizza grilled cheese, and celebrate national Rosé day. Almost 10 years later, it's evident the two are smart, great moms that have evaded the celebrity trap of taking themselves too seriously. They still know how to have fun, and with a Shore reunion supposedly in the works, it's these two that are gonna make sure it's a blast.