'SNL' Features Oblivious Bros In 'Handmaid's Tale' Parody And It's So Spot On


"SNL" is certainly not afraid to tackle political news in its skits — just take a look at the May 6 show (among many, many others).

The undertones of "The Handmaid's Tale" spoof during this week's episode seem to reference what the US is currently experiencing under Donald Trump's administration.

Let's break it down.

Chris Pine (again, Pine — not Pratt, Evans or Hemsworth) plays a bro in the skit. He and a fellow bro bump into "the girl squad," who happened to have flaked on Pine's Cinco de Mayo half-birthday celebration.

However, the dynamic duo appear blatantly unaware of what's happening — the garb didn't give it away, apparently.


"You don't know? It's the republic. Everything is different now," the fellas are warned.

The bros just don't seem to grasp that they're living in a society where the women are enslaved, stripped of their rights and forced to bear children. They stand there in disbelief, much like "the girl squad."


"They took our money, and our jobs and our kids," one of the handmaids continues.

Still nada...


"I think I actually read something about that, but I've been super busy at work lately," Pine replied.

So the skit continued with the guys pretending to be aware of what was happening, offering suggestions on how to help with a situation that can't be resolved.

Have a look here:

Though it is pretty comical and ends with the clever tagline, "See Netflix, we have one, too," it's clear there's a bigger problem at hand.

This week, the House of Representatives voted to pass the latest amendment to The American Health Care Act (AHCA). Its plan is to allow states to deny health insurance coverage to individuals (read: women) experiencing postpartum depression, cesarean sections, domestic violence and even rape. They are now considered "pre-existing" conditions.

Naturally, women were not having it.

All of these dystopian tales seem to reference an unsettled political climate, and we clearly can't let women's rights be taken away.

We love "SNL" of course, but we can't help but wish these references to people's disregard for women were not true.

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