'SNL' Tests Our Knowledge Of Hollywood Superheroes Named Chris


May 6's "SNL" crowd roared with cheers and applause when host Chris Pine said, "As many of you know, I have a movie coming out this weekend. It's called 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'"

There was just one tiny issue.


Chris Pratt was in "Guardians of the Galaxy" and Chris Pine hosted the show.

Confusing right? When  you stop to think about it, Hollywood's chock full of hunky Chris actors who play superheroes, so it's totally understandable where the confusion comes into play.

Chris Pine, however — who stars in "Wonder Woman" in case you needed a refresher (no judgment) — joined the late-night crew to set the record straight.


If there's going to be an issue in Hollywood, it might as well be this.

Who can't appreciate a slew of "scruffy and squinty and jacked, but in a sweet way" guys named Chris who play superheroes we cannot differentiate? Ladies, at least you know you're in for some eye candy when your boyfriend takes you to an action movie.

But Pine is determined to make you the educated-action-movie GF.


In a catchy tune to the beat of "Uptown Girls," Pine gave confused audience members and viewers the lowdown.

(PSA: As a woman born and raised on Long Island, I can tell you anytime a Billy Joel song is spoofed, you're in for a good time.)

"I'm not that Chris. I look just like him but I'm not that Chris," Pine sang.

So let's break down the roles of each Chris (yes, IMDB was a great companion during this assignment).

Chris Evans stars in "The Avengers" and "Captain America."

Chris Hemsworth — perhaps my favorite Chris, in case you were wondering — plays our beloved Thor.

Chris Pratt is the star of "Guardians of the Galaxy."

And our lovely host (Chris Pine) is in the upcoming "Wonder Woman."

Not going to lie to you, it was certainly confusing trying to keep all of these handsome fellas straight.

Have a look at the SNL clip to test your knowledge of Hollywood's superheroes named Chris.

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