'Skam' Finale Finally Gave Us Vilde's Story, Which Should've Been A Full Season

by Dylan Kickham

It's officially the end of the road for Skam. The viral teen drama grew from being a tiny Norwegian show to an international sensation after telling poignant stories dealing with complex topics like sexuality, religion, sexual abuse, and mental illness.

Over the weekend, Skam aired its series finale, and it finally gave us some insight into the lives of the characters the show has not featured prominently in its past four seasons. Each part of the finale gives fans a scene from the perspective of a different character, including Jonas, Chris, Even, William, and Eskild.

But the most revealing scene of all is about Vilde, as we finally learn what her home life is like. Vilde's mother appears to be severely depressed, leaving Vilde to take care of everything around the house, including the bills.


After watching the emotional scene of Vilde taking care of her bed-ridden mother, it seems clear to many fans that if the show had gotten picked up for a fifth season, it would have focused on Vilde.

In fact, the show's creator Julie Andem reportedly revealed at a recent event Vilde would be the next character to get her own season had the show not been canceled.

Unfortunately, instead of getting a full 10 episodes about Vilde's troubling home life — which has been hinted at since the first season — fans only got to see a few minutes of what the normally chipper and fun-loving young woman has to deal with privately.

And the finale also gave us another really unexpectedly emotional revelation about Vilde: her relationship with Magnus is so much more than just a joke.

Vilde and Magnus have been used largely for light comic relief since they got together, but when Chris asks Vilde if she has anybody to talk to about the heavy stuff she deals with at home, she smiles and looks over at Magnus, who mouths "Everything OK?" when he sees her.


This quick little scene adds so much more depth to our perception of Vilde and Magnus' relationship since it was revealed in Season 3 Magnus also takes care of his mother who struggles with mental illness.

All of this would have been more deeply explored if Vilde was given her own season of the show, but at least we got to get a glimpse into her life before the Skam ended.