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This Genius Site Prank Texts Your Friends A Ton Of Justin Bieber Lyrics

With the holiday season upon us, it only makes sense the Internet would provide us with a way to torture the ones we love.

I'm, of course, referring to Bieber Bomb, the site that anonymously texts friends/family/enemies/whomever Justin Bieber lyrics for the cool price of $1 for a 10-message bomb.

But wait! For just $2, you can not only send a Bieber Bomb but also receive the conversation between the site and your victim in real-time. Another 50 cents gets you a Viral Attack, hitting three Beliebers-to-be at once.

If your pals have songs like “Baby,” “As Long As You Love Me” and “What Do You Mean?” memorized, they'll pick up on the ruse right away. Otherwise, they'll end up texting back, asking,

Why does that sound familiar?

For Adele fans who want to f*ck sh*t up text-bomb style but prefer more soulful content, the makers of Bieber Bomb also created Adele Attack.

Product designer and developer Jimmy Amash stated on the Product Hunt page for Bieber Bomb more artists are in the works.

In the meantime, texters in the US (sorry, everywhere else) can sit back and enjoy hiring a prank hit service to do their dirty work.

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