TOKYO, JAPAN - JULY 22: (L-R) MyKayla Skinner, Sunisa Lee, Simone Biles, Jordan Chiles, Grace McCall...

Simone Biles' IG During The Olympics Opening Ceremony Will Give You Life

The full team shot is everything.

by Ani Bundel
Jamie Squire/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Every sport has its GOAT, from LeBron James in basketball to Serena Williams in tennis. Simone Biles is the undisputed champion of the sport when it comes to gymnastics, with no less than four signature moves named after her. The Olympics are her platform, and every four years, fans tune in to watch her fly through the air. But even knowing how high and well she can jump, fans were not ready for Simone Biles’ Instagram during the 2021 Olympics Opening Ceremony or the epic images it contained.

The 2021 Olympics haven’t been easy for the gymnasts on the U.S. Women’s National Team, even before the games began. After a year-long delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, the games are happening despite controversy over holding them at all. There’s a State of Emergency in Tokyo over the growing COVID-19 caseload, the number of hospitalizations is up across the country, and the vaccination rate is worryingly low in Japan. Those cases have extended to the Gymnastics Team, which already lost one alternate — Kara Eaker reportedly tested positive for COVID a few days before the opening ceremony.

But even with the cloud hanging over the games, Biles and company have looked to the positive side of things and are focused and ready to bring home Olympic glory. Biles and her Team USA gymnast teammates skipped out on the actual ceremony, but they still had a little celebration of their own. The photos, which Biles posted during the Olympic opening ceremony, reflect that spirit.

In a set of pics shared on her IG on July 23, Biles shared a jumping shot with teammate Mykayla Skinner and a group shot with herself, Skinner, Jordan Chiles, Suni Lee, Grace McCallum, and Jade Carey. In the shot, the Olympians were all clad in Team USA gear that included matching shoes and a matching white windbreaker with “USA” and and American flag image on either sleeve. TBH, even though they didn’t get to the official ceremony, it looks like they had a pretty good time on their own.

Simone Biles/Instagram

Biles recently received her own Twitter emoji, a GOAT with a gold medal, the first athlete to be rewarded an actual “GOAT” emoji thus far. The Olympic women’s gymnastics team competition will begin on Sunday, July 25, with team finals the following Tuesday, July 27. Biles’ appearance in this competition is expected to be one of the U.S. highlights of the entire run.

When it comes to the individual competition, Biles will compete in the qualifying round on Thursday, July 29, and once she makes it into the women’s all-around later that day. The finals for individual medals in vault, floor, balance beam, and uneven bars follow over the days to come.

The Gymnastic Olympic finals are expected to be aired as a significant component of NBC’s prime-time coverage throughout the Olympics. Peacock will have a dedicated stream that will air the events live as they happen for fans who want to watch just the Gymnastics competition.