Shonda Rhimes Claps Back At People Petitioning To Get Jesse Williams Fired

by Eitan Levine

Let's just be very clear, there is only ONE person who makes the rules in Shondaland and that's the queen herself: Shonda Rhimes.

Jesse Williams' speech at the BET awards was exactly what America needed to hear. It was a Hollywood star using a major platform to address the nation about racism instead of making the same bland speech thanking production studios and agencies for his success we've heard a thousand times. And it was perfect.

It delivered.

Unfortunately, a large chunk of the internet, including right wing angry camp counselor Tomi Lahren, had a problem with this because the world is dumb and we can't have nice things.

Try not to give yourself whiplash shaking your head at Tomi Lahren's reasoning why Jesse Williams' speech was actually a super racist, hate-mongering diatribe against the police.

It has since succeeded in amassing almost 9,000 names.


Luckily, though, Williams and the rest of us have nothing to worry about as the day Shonda Rhimes starts bowing to racist Change.org petitions is the day "Scandal" stops wowing us with shocking plot twists and edge-of-your-seat drama.

The "Grey's Anatomy" showrunner tweeted a simple answer to all those haters:

BTDUBS, Shonda watched the speech. Shonda loved the speech. Shonda is in the dang woods and doesn't care what you think about the speech.

OH, BY THE WAY, Jesse clearly can give two Sunday morning doodies about your petition. He's too busy doing cool Hollywood crap like pushing Ellen Pompeo off a paddle board.


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