Shia LaBeouf Is Live-Streaming Himself Riding An Elevator For 24 Hours

by Eitan Levine

For Christ's sake! Someone please get Shia LaBeouf away from live-streaming devices or just, like, technology in general.

Remember a couple months ago when Shia LaBeouf had a live stream of himself watching his own movies, and you were like, “Dang, this is dumb as hell, but honestly, let's all just let Shia have his moment”?

Well, Shia officially had wayyyyy too many of his own moments.

For 24 hours, LaBeouf will occupy an elevator at Oxford Union with creative partners Luke Turner and Nastja Säde Rönkkö before (and after) a talk he's giving on Friday night.

Don't worry! You can watch this 24-hour jerk-off session creative journey through the human experience via self-deprivation of the outside world on a live stream.

In case you're wondering, it's as horrible as you think it is.

I listened for a solid 25 seconds and heard Shia say, “Triumvirate? That's a badass word,” and then I immediately left the feed. I also almost threw my computer in a fire just to completely rid my life of this jerk-off session performance-art exhibition, but at the last second, I decided he wasn't worth getting fired over.

I can't help but feel we're all responsible for this. This is on all of us for not stopping him. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

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