Shanna Moakler expressed gratitude that ex-husband Travis Barker has support from Kourtney Kardashia...

Shanna Moakler Shouted Out Kourtney's "Loving Support" Amid Travis' Hospitalization

"I know he is in great hands."

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The honeymoon phase is supposed to be newlywed bliss, but for Travis Barker, it’s been anything but. The former Blink-182 rocker was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on June 29 with a case of pancreatitis, just one month after Barker said “I do” to Kourtney Kardashian at a big Italian wedding. It’s reported that the pancreatitis was triggered by a recent colonoscopy that left Barker with severe abdominal pain. Barker is reportedly being supported by his wife Kardashian during the painful time, but he’s also getting some well-wishes from his ex. Barker’s ex-wife Shanna Moakler even shouted out Kourtney Kardashian in her statement about Travis Barker’s hospitalization.

Moakler made a statement on the status of her ex via Page Six on June 30. “Thank you to everyone who has reached out with concern to my ex and father of my children,” she said. Moakler and Barker were married for 4 years before splitting in 2008, and they share two children, Alabama and Landon. The pair have not always had the easiest relationship post-divorce, Moakler confessing to US Weekly that their relationship fell apart due to Barker’s infidelity with Kim Kardashian. The affair was never confirmed, though Moakler credits it as the catalyst for their split.

It’s evident that the pair has patched things up enough for Moakler to express how grateful she is that Barker has his new wife at his side. “I know he is in great hands and surrounded by loving support and the best medical teams available and his beautiful wife Kourtney.” It’s reported that Kourtney has not left her husband’s side since his June 29 admittance at Cedars-Sinai. Barker’s daughter Alabama posted a picture at her father’s bedside with the caption “Please say a prayer,” but the post has since been deleted. Barker himself even took to social media to express his pain, tweeting “God save me.”

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Moakler expressed empathy for Barker’s pain and her children’s concerns — “I pray for a speedy recovery and for the comfort of my children as I know they are very concerned and worried.” She continued by mentioning how he’s beat the odds before, referencing a 2008 plane crash that Barker survived and walked away with burns covering 65% of his body. Suffice to say, Travis Barker is a survivor.

Alabama Barker posted another picture to her Instagram story of her hand next to her father’s. The caption reads “Thank you guys for all of the prayers and love, I appreciate you & love all of you.” If anyone can bounce back, it’s Travis Barker.