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7 SLCG Theories After That Wild Season 2 Finale

Shook doesn't even begin to cover it.


The Sex Lives of College Girls may be a comedy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t also full of drama. As anyone who’s been to college knows, those scholastic years usually wind up being about a lot more than just school. The drama-filled Season 2 finale, which dropped on HBO Max on Dec. 15, is a testament to that. Here are all the best theories about what will happen in The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 3.

The end of TSLCG Season 2 also lines up with the end of the girls’ freshman year at Essex College. But even after a year at school, it seems like old habits die hard for them. Leighton (Renée Rapp) got back together with her ex, Alicia (Midori Francis). Meanwhile, Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet) once again found herself in a romantic entanglement with someone who has history with one of her suitemates. Only this time, instead of her beau being Leighton’s brother, it’s Whitney’s (Alyah Chanelle Scott) ex, Canaan (Christopher Meyer), which, TBH, is even messier. And to top it all off, Bela (Amrit Kaur) delivered the biggest shocker of all at the very end of the SLCG Season 2 finale by revealing her intentions to transfer out of Essex College.

It’s all a lot to take in, but that just means there will be a lot story to cover when the show returns for Season 3, which is already in the works at HBO Max. There are a lot of ways all this drama might shake out.


Bela Actually Transfers


Bela hit rock bottom at the end of TSLCG Season 2, and the only way she saw up and out was to transfer. If Bela does leave Essex and the show, she wouldn’t be the first SLCG cast member to do so. However, series creator Justin Noble has gone on the record saying that all four of the main cast members are integral to the show, so it seems unlikely that Kaur will completely leave. The theory here is that Bela will transfer, but soon find her way back to Essex and her girls.


Alicia Has Ulterior Motives

Fans who were rooting for Leighton and Tatum (Gracie Dzienny) were disappointed to see them break up in Season 2. Leighton moved on quickly by rekindling her relationship with Alicia, but some fans are worried Alicia is only interested in Leighton because of her money (and how that money can help fund the women’s center she works at) and not because she’s into her. If that’s the case, Leighton is in for a very rough Season 3.


Kimberly & Canaan Will Date

In the last couple of episodes of Season 2, Kimberly started to feel some sparks with her coworker, Canaan. It makes sense that their friendship might develop into something more after spending so much time together, so maybe Season 3 will be all about their love story.


Whitney & Canaan Are Endgame

Katrina Marcinowski/HBO Max

Whitney witnessed Kimberly and Canaan kissing in the season finale, and it’s clear that’s going to mess with her friendship with Kimberly. But Whitney seemed to be ready give it another go with Canaan, and maybe seeing him with Kimberly is the push she needs to really fight for him.


Kimberly’s Egg Donation Plot Returns

Some very astute fans have pointed out that Kimberly earned a good chunk of money from her egg donation, but she didn’t cover all the money she needed for tuition. Kimberly’s financial woes might not be over, and that could mean another egg donation. If not, there could be another money-making scheme in Kimberly’s future.


Bela Rejoins The Catullan

If Bela stays at Essex College (or returns after a brief transfer), she’ll probably have a hard time getting the editors of The Foxy to take her back. That could mean she’ll try to scratch her comedy itch by returning to The Catullan. Of course, that would mean some awkward run-ins with her ex, Eric (Mikki Leeper).


The Housing Situation Changes... Again

At the very end of Season 2, Whitney asked for a room at the Kappa sorority house and Bela said she wants to transfer. So it looks like Kimberly and Leighton will be on the lookout for new roommates. But knowing how these girls can’t really keep away from each other, there’s a good chance the four of them find their way back to living together.

Seasons 1 and 2 of The Sex Lives of College Girls are streaming on HBO Max.