'Sex Lives of College Girls' Season 2 will say goodbye to Gavin Leatherwood's character Nico.

The Sex Lives Of College Girls' Season 2 Trailer Is Hornier Than Ever

New trimester, here we come.

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It’s almost time for another trimester at Essex College, but sophomore year will look a bit different for Kimberly, Bela, Leighton, and Whitney. After the first season of HBO Max’s Sex Lives of College Girls ended with several big cliffhangers, fans have been eagerly awaiting new episodes to finally reveal what’s in store for our four fave girlies. If you’re counting down the days until Season 2 of Sex Lives of College Girls, here’s all the info you should know about the new season’s cast changes, premiere date, and storylines.

The Season 1 finale of Sex Lives of College Girls left fans with so many questions. Chief among them is Kimberly’s fate — after admitting to cheating on a test, her scholarship was revoked, meaning she may not be able to afford to stay at Essex. Leighton also had a big moment in the finale, working up the courage to reveal she’s gay to Kimberly after her breakup with Alicia. Leighton’s sexuality is still a secret from Bela and Whitney, though, so it’s still a question of whether she will fully come out in Season 2 or not... plus, shippers are really hoping Leighton and Alicia will work through their issues and possibly get back together.

On the other side of the suite, Bela is launching her own female-led comedy magazine and potentially flirting up a storm with Eric, while Whitney is hopefully moving on from that whole Dalton scandal now that it’s out in the open. One relationship that won’t survive into the second season, however, is Kimberly and Nico. A surprising cast change has effectively broken up the show’s central lovebirds.

Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Cast

The biggest Season 2 shocker is that Nico will not return to the show.


Gavin Leatherwood confirmed he departed from the series after starring in Season 1 in a March 27 interview with Us Weekly. “There is a Season 2, but I’m not going to go back,” Leatherwood said. “It was such an incredible experience. I think Mindy [Kaling] is brilliant and the cast, everyone’s lovely. But with so many amazing opportunities out there, we want to keep spreading our wings and leading ourselves to other projects so that’s the move.”

The departure is a pretty big surprise, considering the first season set up Nico and Kimberly as the core will-they-won’t-they relationship of the show. The Season 1 finale saw Nico hand over the stolen tests his frat used to cheat on exams to save Kimberly from expulsion, seemingly teasing both a deeper relationship with Kimberly as well as big trouble for his frat in Season 2. On top of that, his relationship with his sister Leighton could probably have been explored much more in the upcoming season as she opens up more about her sexuality.

The major new addition to Season 2 will be model Mitchell Slaggert, playing the new resident hottie Jackson. Although not much is known about Jackson just yet, he seems like he may be something of a replacement for Nico, which might mean he could spark a romance with Kimberly.

Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Trailer

The first look at Season 2 teases more raunchy fun, as the girls plan a stripping party, hook up with a ton of people, and marvel at the new hottie on their floor, Jackson.

Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Release Date

The new season will premiere on HBO Max on Nov. 17.

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