Seth Rogen Did So Many Shrooms He Ended Up In A Different Country (Video)

Seth Rogen seems like a fun guy (or perhaps a fungi) to hang out with.

He's chill, obviously hilarious and, apparently, always down to party. Oh, and he's willing to travel.

While promoting his new film, "The Night Before," Rogen paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel.

On the late-night show, the comedian told a story about one epic night he and a friend had in Amsterdam.

The pair, not really understanding how weight-by-volume works, accidentally took more than the recommended dose of magic mushrooms. (Note: there is no recommended dose -- I made that up.)

And while the two probably felt awful, at least they got to walk away with one hell of a story.

No spoilers here, just listen to Rogen tell the story for himself in the video above.