Chrishell Stause's Jan. 8 tweet to critics was perfect.

Chrishell Had An Epic Clapback For Anyone Annoyed By Her Personality

She wins the award for Best Use Of Emoji.

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Online trolls and critics are never in short supply for celebrities, but Chrishell Stause isn’t salty about haters. In fact, she’s getting in on the jokes. The Selling Sunset star has no problem poking fun at herself, and her latest response to online trolls was epic in the most unexpected way.

In case you’ve been sleeping on all the Selling Sunset drama, Stause has appeared on the show since its first episode in 2019, and she’s become the show’s sweetheart. Her larger than life personality has made her a fan-favorite, but she’ll be the first to admit she’s had some cringey moments along the way.

"When people watch #sellingsunset & get annoyed by my personality. Honestly, same," Stause tweeted on Jan. 8. "I think years of auditioning clicks a weird part of my brain when speaking to camera to be 'ON' and I am working on it. Lol."

She even had some advice for herself to follow before the next season arrives. "Girl just relax,” she wrote. “By the time we’re cancelled I’ll get it.”

Stause’s most dedicated fans came to her defense to insist she isn’t annoying at all, and she appreciated the sweet replies. The reality star responded to one fan in particular and thanked them for sticking up for her.

“You’re so sweet-thank you!” she tweeted. “I wasn’t meaning to make people feel like I need defending. Was just laughing at how annoyed I get at myself when watching so I get it. That’s all.”

This isn’t the first time Stause has taken to Twitter to address her on-camera personality. However, in the past, she’s taken a much more defensive stance (and understandably so). In December 2021, a troll slid into her DMs and called her “fake” and accused her of playing the victim.

"It would seem I am not the miserable one here," Stause replied, sharing a screenshot of the exchange on her Instagram story. "When you are an agent on TV you end up getting so much business you have to refer it out to others Bc there is only so much time in a day. The days of getting more listings because of rank in the office are long gone. But please take a breathe [sic] and have a great day! Thanks for watching!!!!"

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Stause is the first to admit she’s not perfect, which is exactly why Selling Sunset fans have grown to love her so much.