Selena Gomez And Taylor Swift's Brother Are A Hot New Couple, Says Twitter

by Anna Menta
Getty Images

In the Internet's never-ending quest to find Selena Gomez's next boyfriend, it discovered a new contender: Taylor Swift's brother, Austin Swift.

Selena and Austin sat next to each other, front and center, for their girl Tay's "Out of the Woods" performance at the Grammy Awards last night.

Someone captured their moment together in a photo, and Austin is TOUCHING SELENA'S SHOULDER! *gasp*

Naturally, Twitter is now calling for Selena and Austin's immediate engagement. I mean, it would be kind of perfect. After all, who HASN'T had a crush on the brother of a friend before, right? Plus, then Taylena would officially be sisters.

Yep, everyone decided this couple is happening now, whether Selena and Austin want it to or not.

It's kind of hard not to ship it after that picture.

And they are the same age, which is a big plus.

Of course, some people would rather have Austin for themselves. But him with Selena is a close second.

Hopefully, the two stars will keep us posted on their wedding date!

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