Selena Gomez Is Giving Kylie Jenner A Run For Her Money With These Snapchats

Getty Images

Up until recently, we hadn't seen a lot of Selena Gomez on the snaps, but now, she is definitely making up for that.

Your girl Selena has really been going hard on the Snapchat game as of late. On her recent trip to London, she posted roughly a billion snap vids of herself, doing basically nothing interesting -- reminiscent of Kylie Jenner's favorite pastime.

Listen, if anyone can pull off the Kylie Jenner method of using Snapchat, it probably is Selena. Even though, again, she does next to nothing in these videos, it's somehow kind of fascinating.

I know not everyone has time to spend watching videos of celebrities riding in cars, so let me share some of the best ones with you.

Here we see Selena riding in a car and mistaking Snapchat video for a compact mirror. To be fair, she does look gorgeous.

Here we see Selena in the middle of a conversation, still slightly confused about that mirror thing.

Maybe someone should buy her a compact?

Now, we see Selena attempting to pronounce "Swarovski."

Here's Selena rapping along to Nicki Minaj, and OK, she slays it.

Apparently, she hit up McDonald's, which, to be honest, is also something I would snap.

OK, fine, you're not as bad as Kylie, Selena. You have that self-awareness.

I weirdly look forward to living your life vicariously through you, Selena. See you on Snapchat!