Selena Gomez Kissed Another Woman On Snapchat And Everyone Is Losing It

by Taylor Ortega

In the immortal words of Drake,

OT, OT. There's never much love when we go OT.

Going out of town, especially to tour, is tough even for veteran performers. It causes tension, homesickness and – on occasion – petty fights.

Fortunately for Selena Gomez, her Revival Tour has only brought her closer to her opening act, girl group Bahari.

On the Fourth of July, Bahari member Ruby Carr posted a video to Snapchat, in which she and Selena took a break from dancing and celebrating America's birthday to share a sweet little kissy-poo.

Without missing a beat, Twitter reacted like, "DANG, GIRL. WHAT?!"

Lmao Ruby Carr probably gained so many followers, all coz of that quick kiss with Selena — Jess-A// 30~31 days (@SelenaxEmison) July 6, 2016

The 23-year-old pop star skipped bestie Taylor Swift's star-studded (and bizarrely postured) Fourth of July extravaganza to host a summer bash of her own.

Selena and friends belted their hearts out to Tay Tay enemy Katy Perry's “Firework” before belting their hearts out to even more of “Firework.”

The gang also lit up some adorable and potentially dangerous sparklers because life is about taking small, measured risks.

Selena wished us a “Happy 4th” as we praised the perfection that is her bangs.

The next day, the “Kill Em With Kindness” singer performed in Phoenix and – according to E! News – headed to San Diego for Wednesday's show.

Later this month, Selena heads way, way, way OT to perform the Asian leg of her tour before jetting to Australia.

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