Selena Gomez Is Literally All Of Us When It Comes To Doing A Juice Cleanse


OK sorry, that was harsh. Some people really enjoy juicing -- they like getting the toxins out of their bodies and stuff. It's a way to feel healthy and clean out your system.

I personally hate detoxing, because that requires me to go several hours without putting carbs into my body. No bread for 12 hours? LMAO, SEE YA!

I give mad props to people who can juice. It takes a lot of willpower to say "no" to pasta and potato chips. Mmm, chips.

Selena Gomez actually opened up about her diet and shared she's been juicing.

She told Cosmopolitan she's been extremely focused on her Revival tour and has been rehearsing nonstop for it.

Her schedule has been pretty packed, and with this tour, she's trying "to prove to people that [she] can really go there."

In addition to caring about her tour, Selena has been trying to take better care of herself by making healthier choices.

When it comes to her diet, Selena said,

Don't get me wrong: I'm from Texas, so I love food. I do not make juices — I know that that's such an LA thing. My roommate, who's on the road with me, she has been making so many juices. I don't ever want to have another juice in my life, but she's been forcing me to have it, which is really nice. There's a little adjustment.

Makes sense. If I had to sing a set list in front of millions of people, I'd probably start juicing, too.

Good luck on tour, Selena! And good luck avoiding midnight cravings, those are the worst.

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