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After three months of dating, Scott Disick and his girlfriend Rebecca Donaldson reportedly broke up.

Scott Is Reportedly “On The Prowl” After Breaking Up With GF Rebecca


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It looks like things are over for Scott Disick and girlfriend Rebecca Donaldson. Things seemed to be getting serious between the two of them when Disick took her as his date to Hulu’s The Kardashians red carpet premiere in April, but apparently looks can be deceiving. On June 8, an Us Weekly source claimed that the duo was “never serious to begin with” and were just “casually dating.” (Not exactly the same soulmate energy Kravis has been giving us, but to each their own!) And according to this report, Disick and Donaldson broke up after a few months together.

OK, but can we backtrack for a minute? I’m still stuck on the “casually dating” claim. Since when do celebrities bring their flings to red carpet premieres? I know that Kravis was there, and having a date can help awkward run-ins with exes, but still! IMO, it doesn’t add up, especially considering at the time, a source told Us, “Him introducing her to the family and having her at the Kardashians premiere meant a lot to him.” Ahem, even though they were “never serious?” (Please tell me I’m not the only one stuck on this.)

Although Disick and Donaldson have reportedly called it quits on their romance, the insider added that the Flip It Like Disick star “likes to remain amicable with some of the girls he dates” and probably will not “cut [Donaldson] off completely.” Hmmm.

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As you might have grasped from Disick’s ~generosity~ in staying in touch with his ex, he is reportedly not reeling from the breakup. Per the source, Disick is actually already “on the prowl” for his next love interest — and yes, he “definitely has a type.” (You don’t say?! I just assumed his dating pool was limited to under-30 models by some random coincidence.)

The Us source also alluded to Disick’s recent thirsty IG behavior. ICYMI, he left an NSFW comment on Too Hot To Handle star Holly Scarfone’s Instagram on May 24. “Scott hits up a lot of girls whenever he’s looking for company and has a lot of girls’ numbers,” the source claimed.

The insider explained that Disick’s flirting strategy involves “DM[ing] girls on Instagram and leav[ing] flirty comments” to show his interest. “He’s single so he’s not embarrassed for doing so,” the source added. “It gets their attention.” Well, they’re not wrong.

Here’s hoping Disick finds what he’s looking for soon.