The Kid Laroi revealed his TikTok beef with Scooter Braun isn't real.

Scooter Braun And The Kid Laroi Aren’t Actually Beefing

It’s…a promotion.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Kid Laroi’s latest TikTok, which appeared to shade his former manager Scooter Braun by calling him a “mistake,” had the internet in a frenzy thinking their beef was real. It turns out the two are actually on good terms, and Laroi planned the whole thing to promote his new single.

It all started on April 13 when Laroi shared a TikTok featuring a preview of his upcoming single “Thousand Miles,” which is set to drop on April 22. The clip featured a snippet of Laroi singing, “Here goes another mistake / I know I’m gon’ make / I know I’m gon’ make tonight.”

Pictures of Braun appeared on screen as the track played. “Show me ur last mistake. Use this sound,” Laroi captioned the video.

Of course, fans were convinced the two men were feuding. It wouldn’t have been a shock considering, Braun has previously publicly feuded with Taylor Swift. The timeline for Barun and Laroi to be sparring made sense.

According to Billboard, Laroi left Braun’s management company in September after just four months. He reportedly parted ways with the agency because he thought Braun would initially be more involved in his career.

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Despite the rumors, it seems the pair are friendly. After Laroi’s TikTok went viral, Braun responded to their fake beef through his Instagram Story. “Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. Make sure to check out @TheKidLaroi new upcoming single produced by our very own @ThisIsWatt,” he wrote, along with hashtags like #BIGMISTAKE and Laroi’s song title, #1000MILES.

The Story also included text messages, showing Laroi ideated the TikTok video with him. “Yooo its Laroi. This is my new #. You got a sec to talk? I have an idea I wanna run past you,” the singer wrote in one text.

“People are calling from media thinking you and I got real beef,” Braun later repsonded, according to the screenshot he shared. “Others asking what it means. Clever move I like it,” he also wrote.

So, Laroi and Braun aren’t actually feuding. Turns out Laroi is also a savvy marketer, in addition to being a hit singer. Now I know his new single “Thousand Miles” drops on April 22, and so do you.