Science Says You're A Better Person If You're A Fan Of Adele

Adele is the new pope as far as I'm concerned.

Everyone knows Adele's voice can bring you to tears the same way only videos of puppies that were rescued from cosmetic research labs feeling grass for the first time can. But, did you know her pipe flexing can literally compel you to be a better person?

OK! Yes! I know I've probably said that statement about six times in conversation since 25 came out, but now I have science and stuff to back it up!

According to research done by Musixmatch on the day of the album's release, the phrase “adele 25 lyrics” was searched more than “adele 25 torrent” and “adele 25 youtube” combined.

Need proof? Look at this sweet math graph!

This means more people were looking for lyrics to the actual songs instead of illegal ways to listen to them (aka people actually downloaded this cultural touchstone handed down by a higher power and shot forth through Adele's mouth).

Also, when “Hello” was released, more people were looking for its lyrics rather than ways to obtain the song without Adele seeing part of that sweet, sweet residual check.

Here's another math graph to prove the point!

And on the eighth day, Adele taught the people of the world proper Internet music etiquette, and it was good.

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