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''Sex/Life's Sarah Shahi's New "A" Tattoo May Be An Adam Demos Tribute

Talk about life imitating art!

Rachel Luna/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Currently trending on Netflix is the new original series Sex/Life. With its gorgeous actors, an exhilarating plot, and plenty of R-rated scenes, the show’s success is really no surprise. Making its official debut on Friday, June 25, the show secured a position on top of the Top 10 list instantly, mainly because of the sweltering sex scenes between stars Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos. The twist? The two are dating in real life. Sex/Life's Sarah Shahi's new "A" tattoo may be an Adam Demos tribute and further proof that things between the steamy couple are getting even hotter.

On Aug. 3, fans noticed the 41-year-old actress had her co-star’s initial tattooed on her finger—on THAT finger, to be exact. That’s right, Shahi uploaded an Instagram story showing herself looking happy after an interview, and, aside from her stunning smile, a noticeable “A” tattoo and small infinity symbol were visible just about her left ring finger. Interesting!

Although followers have just started noticing the tattoo, it looks like the actress got tatted way back in June. In an Instagram picture she posted on June 17, the “A” is totally visible.

So why is everyone talking about this show? Aside from the sex, Sex/Life is centered on the life of Bille Connelly (Sarah Shahi), a suburban housewife living what seems like the perfect life. With a gorgeous husband (Mike Vogel) and two adorable children, it seems like the couple couldn’t ask for more than the enormous mansion they already have. Like many great shows, there’s a problem: our heroine’s happiness is only skin deep. While she lives her real life, she fantasizes about the exhilarating life she left behind with her ex, Brad Simon (aka, her current BF, Adam Demos).

In a video on the show’s official Instagram page, Shahi discussed the instant chemistry she felt with Demos as soon as they met on set. “I remember meeting Adam in the trailer on the first day and, you know, he’s tall and charismatic and good-looking. And I remember being like, ‘Oh…okay,’” she said. “We did our first scene together and I heard how he said the words and I was like, ‘Oh, now I get why you’re Brad. Like he just owns that mysteriousness. He owns the darkness, but he’s also light at the same time. And I think it’s hard for an actor to be able to hold those two things simultaneously. And Adam does it effortlessly. He is effortlessly cool.”

Back in June, she told People about another intimate moment the actors shared. “I said, ‘Well, that’s a tall drink of water.’ When I first met Adam, I was really blown away with him. We met in the makeup trailer and we just got on instantly. We had the exact same taste in music. We had the same taste in whiskey and tequilas and I was really blown away by him just as a person and all I knew was that I wanted more. … And then I got an opportunity to act with him, and I will say, sitting across the other side of the camera with him was just a privilege. You’re only as good as your scene partner. He’s amazing in the show.”

Talk about life imitating art! With that much chemistry, it’s no wonder the couple took their relationship off-screen, and this tattoo might be proof that the couple’s relationship is getting serious.