This Is What Sarah McLachlan Actually Thinks Of Her Animal Cruelty Ads

by Katie Corvino
Getty Images

We've all felt the pain. It's just a casual Wednesday night, and you're watching TV when Sarah McLachlan's animal cruelty ad pops up on the screen.

You're overwhelmed with emotion as "Angel" plays in the background, and you're forced to stare into the souls of the world's most depressed (but adorable) animals.

Oh, you're not quite sure what I'm talking about? Please, check out the video below.

How was that? Stay calm, wipe your eyes with some tissues and take a seat. I know, it's a lot to handle.

These commercials are traumatizing to anyone who watches them. There's just nothing worse than watching adorable animals in pain and listening to McLachlan's "Angel" at the same time.

Well, my question is simple: How the hell does McLachlan feel about the advertisements? Do they make her feel as sh*tty about life as the rest of us?

According to PEOPLE magazine, McLachlan told video blog MAKERS,

I can't watch them! It just kills me.

Oh, hell no. Sarah, girl, I love you and all, but if we have to be tormented by the horror of those commercials, then you better sit down with us.

Good news does come from this, though. The singer shared the commercials raised over $30 million for the ASPCA. When asked about why she believes the ads were so successful, McLachlan said,

Obviously the mix of the music and my sad face.

She added,

But I have to say it was brutal doing those ads.

I can imagine. Additionally, it looks like McLachlan gained a few fans in the process. She said,

I got a whole new audience out of it. I swear I'd be at Target in Missouri at 10 o'clock at night getting off the tour bus and I'd be going down the aisle and these two little old ladies would be like, 'Are you that dog lady? I loved your song!' Daily. Daily this would happen.

Thank you, dog lady, for making us bawl our eyes out and (most importantly) using your music to save animals' lives.

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