Sansa Stark Proves She's The Baddest Bitch Of All Time With One Simple Look

WARNING: Spoilers for season 6 episode 9 of "Game of Thrones" ahead!

OK, if every episode of "Game of Thrones" featured as much badass Sansa as episode 609 did, I might actually get back into this show.

If anyone had any doubts Sansa Stark is running this bitch known as Westeros, she set the record straight in Sunday night's episode.

Basically, last night, Sansa and Jon Snow went to war with Sansa's jerkface husband/torturer, Ramsay Bolton.

Sansa knew exactly what to do because she's the smartest and the best, but Jon Snow didn't really listen because boys are dumb.

So Sansa had to come in and save the day with an army, because who RUN THIS MOTHER? Sansa!

At this point, she has this look on her face that says,

Yes, I saved everyone. Yes, I am superior to all these men. And, yes, I know it.


Next, Sansa took her brutal revenge on Sir Jerkface Ramsay and fed him to the dogs... literally.

The smirk her face as she walked away to the sounds of hounds devouring her tormentor will go down in history.

That look on her face has been lovingly dubbed the #SansaSmirk.

People are really into this new bloodthirsty Sansa who DGAF.

sansa's smirk as she walked away to the pacifying screams of ramsay bolton as he is eaten by his own beloved hounds — GOT SPOILERS KLAU (@starkzsansa) June 20, 2016

She's grown so much from that scared girl in season 1.

I, for one, am ready for Sansa to be my queen.