After 'Euphoria' fans noticed a camera in Samantha's clock, fans had theories about Maddy's fate.

Fans Have Major Theories About This Weird Little Euphoria Detail

Maddy, you're in danger, girl.


Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Euphoria Season 2, Episode 6. It’s safe to say Euphoria’s big Super Bowl-competing episode wasn’t at all what Maddy fans were hoping for. After the truth about Cassie hooking up with Maddy’s ex, Nate, came out the week prior, everyone was expecting Maddy to unleash her wrath like never before. But instead of seeing her at her strongest, the episode showed Euphoria’s HBIC at her lowest. And it wasn’t just Nate’s trigger-happy antics that had Maddy stans in shambles — eagle-eyed fans also caught a small detail that could spell big trouble for her. Her babysitting boss, Samantha’s, hidden camera appearing in a quick Euphoria scene was a total blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but the tiny device is leading to some massive theories.

The startling hidden camera reveal came pretty early in Episode 6, during one of Maddy’s frequent dress-up sessions in Samantha’s closet while her babysitting charge was sleeping. After trying on the purple sequined dress Samantha wore when she was first introduced on the show, Maddy got a text from her employer informing her she’d be home in 15 minutes. Maddy quickly glanced at the clock and changed back into her clothes so as not to get caught. But there was more to that digital clock than viewers may have realized at first. Upon closer inspection, fans pointed out the clock seems to have a hidden camera in it... meaning Samantha could be well aware of Maddy’s habit of trying on her clothes.

Obviously, that camera leads to a big question: What are Samantha’s intentions? Since the episode heavily revolved around the video of Cal and Jules that Maddy stole from Nate, to potentially blackmail her ex, a similar theme probably comes to mind first in this scenario as well. Samantha could be filming Maddy to either catch her or blackmail her once the babysitter finally breaks the law and steals an expensive garment or piece of jewelry. But given the strangely personal pool scene Samantha and Maddy shared after Samantha arrived home, most fans are leaning in another direction.

Several Euphoria fans picked up on a bit of flirtation between Samantha and Maddy in the episode, which could mean the hidden camera is Samantha’s voyeuristic way of watching Maddy for her own enjoyment.

While some viewers were quick to ship the potential pairing, many others called it out as grooming, given the characters’ ages.

Of course, the messy grooming aspect actually makes this Samantha/Maddy theory feel more likely to be true in the world of Euphoria. It would echo another prominent storyline in the series: Cal Jacobs’ pedophilia.

So, are Samantha’s intentions devious, romantic, or a combination of the two? Hopefully, that will be answered in the final two episodes of Euphoria Season 2, which air Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max.