Sam Asghari opened up about his relationship with Britney Spears and how they split finances.

Sam Asghari's Thoughts On Britney Spears' Money Are... Interesting

IDK how to feel.

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Let’s talk about Sam Asghari and Britney Spears’ relationship, which coincidentally seems to be Asghari’s favorite topic of conversation. During a June 1 interview with GQ, Asghari shared major insight into his romance with Spears, and he made a few eyebrow-raising comments. Specifically, Asghari’s quotes about Spears’ finances did not exactly add up.

“I'm not a house husband,” he told the interviewer. “I don't want to spend $200 on something that I can buy for $60. I am careful with money because I do want to build a future for my children. If you came to this country, you came with a purpose. You don't come here to goof around.” OK, so far, so good.

Things got a little more confusing as the conversation continued though. Asghari explained how the money flows in his relationship with Spears, “Trading off who pays for dinner. We don't have a joint account. I live off of lettuce and rice and coffee. That comes out to like $16 a day, so I can take care of that myself.” Sorry, but does that mean that Asghari’s buying burrito bowls for dinner while Spears is fronting the bill for Catch LA? It’s unclear, but according to Asghari himself, his frugality doesn’t mean Spears has conformed to his lifestyle.

He added, “We do travel a lot, and I am dating a girl that's very expensive. She has an expensive taste, but I do try to incorporate my lifestyle to her as well. And if it was up to me, we would cut down on the traveling and stay at a much cheaper hotel, and we would probably live off of $60 a day. Because that's what I can afford, yeah.” (Hmm, do you think he knows that $60 is probably how much a full tank of gas costs at this point?)

The confusing remarks don’t stop there, though. Apparently, Asghari and Spears have both bought each other Rolexes. BTW, his model cost over $25,000. (Per his $60/day math, that’s about 441 days on one wrist.) Yet, according to the actor, “You have to be fair and square” when it comes to finances in relationships. And that’s exactly why he did not buy Spears a million-dollar rock when he proposed. 👀

“I figured with her taste, she wouldn't want something super big and super celebrity,” he explained. (Um, didn’t he just say that she has “expensive taste?”) He continued, “Celebrities get that million-dollar ring. And usually, it's free because it's for promotion, but I want it to represent something. I want it to come from my heart.”

He ended up designing a custom ring for his bride-to-be. “So I designed a really beautiful ring. It's a princess cut, for a real life princess,” he said. Sweet, but can we go back to the comments on Spears’ money? It’s giving toxic — and not in the hit song kinda way.