The First Photo Of Saint West May Have Just Started A Baby Boom

by Katie Corvino

The moment we've all been waiting for finally arrived. Kim Kardashian West shared the first photo of her newborn son, Saint West.

Saint West was born in December, but his first few months of life were kept private. Every day since his birth, I checked Twitter and Instagram waiting to see a pic of those cute, squishy cheeks, but the photo never came -- until today.

Saint is, of course, still fresh out of the womb. It's totally understandable he hasn't been in the public eye. He just wants to chill at home and do baby stuff, like throw up on Kim, take naps and drink milk.


But, now the world saw his precious face, and all our lives are changed forever. We all can spend our days staring at the adorable photo of him, touching our bellies and thinking about making babies just like him. Yeah, the baby fever is INTENSE.

Come on, even if you don't have a uterus, I know you're thinking about baby-making. Saint is just so freaking cute! Don't you want to have a baby just like him?!

It looks like the folks of Twitter agree with me.

Apparently, lots of people are going to make babies tonight.

Omg he is the cutest babe can't wait to have my own babes oooh Saint west u make me wanna get pregnant now pic.twitter.com/MeZhSgrANb — Mrs Nondu Kapasura (@Nondundlovu) February 22, 2016

In nine months, the entire world is going to give birth, all at once.

It's North's fault, too. She's just SO DAMN CUTE.


You get a baby, and you get a baby, and you get a baby!

Saint West is giving me baby fever. Now I want a baby boy — Lexi (@Cocain_Kisses) February 22, 2016

The world is about to double its population in like two seconds.

Saint West Is So Cute ... I Want A Baby — ADNP (@trillangel21) February 22, 2016

I'm really not kidding. A baby boom is coming.

Rly want a baby now after seeing Saint west — Grace salisbury (@gracesalisbury_) February 22, 2016

 I can't wait to become mothers with all of you.

Seeing saint west is giving me even more baby fever. He's so little and brown. — (@solanges_child) February 22, 2016

Happy baby-making, people. I wish you all beautiful and peaceful pregnancies.

That pic of Saint West makes me want to get pregnant right now. He is soooooooo cute — VEEZUS (@HauteRebel_) February 22, 2016