This Is What Ryan Reynolds Would Do If He Got Stuck In An Elevator With Zayn

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Sorry, Directioners, but I think Ryan Reynolds might be a better fangirl than you.

I mean, the man is ready to die in an elevator with Zayn Malik just to get in a few more hours of manly cuddling.

OK, I'll give you some more context to that. (Although, really, there's not that much more to tell.) The "Deadpool" star just did a Q&A on Twitter, and he answered each question with a video because apparently there is a God.

Some blessed soul asked Ryan what he would do if stuck in an elevator with Zayn, and Ryan said,

Well, yeah, you stay in the elevator... And you stay as long as you can... until you die holding each other.

If you listen very closely, you can hear the sound of one hundred Microsoft Word docs being opened to write the fanfiction for this scenario. Do, please, send me links for those when you're done.

The Q&A included a few other gems, too.

Ryan's favorite emoji is the unicorn, obviously.

He is all for a "Deadpool" crossover with "Twilight." #TeamFun

He stole two items from the "Deadpool" set.

Of one of the items, Deadpool's suit, Ryan said,

I waited 10 years to do the film, so I'm keeping the f*cking suit.

Don't worry, despite the skin-tight costume, Ryan's balls are doing just fine -- all three of them.

And trust me, that butt was never photoshopped in.

Thank you, Ryan Reynolds, for sharing such beautiful thoughts with the world today. I think we all learned a lot from this.