Ryan Reynolds Is Now Talking About Being Naked, Prepare Yourself

OMG, I think I just got pregnant.

Ryan Reynolds was on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" the other day and talked about being naked for one of his scenes in "Deadpool." Yeah, it's as sexy as it sounds.

Apparently, there's a scene where Ryan is wearing a robe and then the robe catches fire and then the robe is off, and Ryan is left there naked and beautiful, fighting for his life.

Wow, can someone turn up the AC? I'm getting all sweaty just thinking about this.

When discussing the scene with Ellen, Ryan said,

I kind of got an idea of what its like to maybe work in the adult film industry.

Holy sh*t. I'm sorry Blake, but your man is making me feel things. He added,

I'm not above taking my clothes off for money, that's the bottom line.

IDK about you, but I'm buying my tickets to see "Deadpool" right now. Check out the video above to hear the full conversation.

Warning: It's so hot, you may just pass out.

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