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3 Reasons Why Rory Gilmore Is An Awful Journalist

OK, I'll admit it: I'm a relatively new "Gilmore Girls" fan.

Over the summer, I began my descent into Stars Hallow and quickly became addicted, binge-watching the entire series in about a month.

When I found out there was going to be a remake of the show, I quite respectively lost my shit.

When we left Rory, she was going off to work on the Obama campaign trail — an experience any young journalist would've killed for.

As a fellow journalism student, I couldn't wait to see where her career had taken her over the past nine years.

She gave me hope for what was out there and my future career as a journalist.

However, I was met with disappointment as she did literally nothing with her career.

As a fictional character, this isn't her fault, but as viewers, are we really supposed to believe Rory learned basically nothing at Yale?

Here are three things Amy Sherman-Palladino got completely wrong while portraying Rory as a journalist:

1. The GQ Line Article

There was actually several things wrong in the scenes where Rory was trying to "prove herself" to Condé Nast.

For starters, she literally fell asleep while interviewing someone.

I get it: Sometimes listening to people talk about standing in a line for some product might not be too interesting, but does she not have one ounce of professionalism in her?

In the show, the gentleman was super nice about her casually falling asleep while he was talking, but in the real world, Rory would've gotten an ear full.

Secondly, she was sent to find out why people were willing to stand in line and what the fascination of it was.

Rory and Lorelai actually walk up to people waiting in line for nothing — some guys are eating lunch, people are lined up behind them — and Rory laughs and walks to the next line she planned for the day.

Um, excuse me? Did your Ivy League education teach you nothing? THAT IS THE STORY.

I'm sure if she brought a story about people waiting in line for nothing, Condé Nast would have LOVED her.

2. The New Yorker Piece

Are we actually supposed to believe Rory went to write for the Obama campaign nine years ago and all she has to show for her journalism career is one article in The New Yorker?

The show slightly mentions she might've written for other publications, but her piece for The New Yorker is the only one consistently mentioned.

The show picks up in 2016, so I'm very confused as to why Rory didn't write about literally anything and try to get published as a freelance writer.

I'm just saying, there's plenty to write about in this world, so why did it seem like she couldn't find a single story anywhere?

3. Sandy Says

The scene where Rory was so unbelievably rude to Sandy, the CEO of Sandy Says, was very unrealistic.

She's been working in the journalism world for over nine years, so there's no way she would go to an interview unprepared.

Even if she didn't expect to get the job, she could've at least thought of a quick response to, "What can you bring to the table?"

Also, it's 2016! So many news sources work online. Why does she have such an offset to working for a digital media company?

If Sandy Says was truly her last option, she wouldn't have gone into the office acting better than everyone.

I'll always love Rory Gilmore, but I've lost my respect for her as a journalist in this revival.

I'm disappointed in Amy Sherman-Palladino for turning my beloved Rory into a spoiled 32-year-old who doesn't know how to work hard and who no longer strives to accomplish her goals.