Kiernan Shipka will return to 'Riverdale' as Sabrina Spellman later in Season 6.

Sabrina Is Coming Back To Riverdale, And Not In An Alternate Universe This Time

Hail Satan, y'all.

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Riverdale fans had been clamoring for a true crossover with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ever since the witchy spinoff debuted, but when they finally got it earlier in Season 6, it didn’t exactly cast the magic spell everyone was hoping for. Sabrina’s first visit to Riverdale may have been brief, but don’t worry — there’s more to come. Sabrina will return to Riverdale later in Season 6, and since all that alternate-dimension Rivervale nonsense is over, it looks like fans will finally get that proper CAOS crossover.

The big announcement of Sabrina’s comeback happened at Riverdale’s PaleyFest 2022 panel on Saturday, April 9. Most of the details are still murky, but Kiernan Shipka is confirmed to be reprising her role as everyone’s favorite blonde witch in an upcoming episode of Season 6. And honestly, the town of Riverdale could really use her help right now. After snapping back to reality following the Rivervale event, Archie, Betty, and Jughead gained superpowers but also a new supervillain in the mind-controlling Percival Pickens, while Cheryl was possessed by the spirit of her vengeful ancestor Abigail Blossom.

Sabrina’s return follows her first cameo in Riverdale earlier this season. She popped up in the penultimate episode of the Rivervale event to help Cheryl, who had newly discovered her own magical gifts, with a powerful transference spell. While fans hyped up the long-awaited crossover, it unfortunately turned out to be a very brief cameo, one not even set within Riverdale’s true timeline since Rivervale was an alternate dimension.

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However, it sounds like this upcoming Sabrina appearance will be a true crossover, with the teenage witch finally visiting RiverDale instead of RiverVale.

The PaleyFest panel also revealed another exciting upcoming Season 6 episode. This season’s musical episode will adapt songs from the American Psycho musical. This continues the show’s theme of selecting particularly bloody or grim musicals to match Riverdale’s tone, and it also just makes perfect sense given that showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa wrote the book for the American Psycho musical. Oh, and Season 6’s big bad Percival Pickens just generally gives off a total Patrick Bateman vibe.

Buckle up for a lot more magic and music as Season 6 of Riverdale barrels along, with new episodes dropping Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.