Riverdale's Season Finale Promo Drops 2 Major Bombshells

Betty and Archie! Cheryl and Veronica??

After breaking open the multiverse, making deals with the devil, creating time loops, resurrecting the deceased, and about a million other over-the-top supernatural twists, it’s safe to say Season 6 of Riverdale has been the teen drama’s most unhinged season ever. But it’s not over just yet. There’s still one episode left to wrap up all the apocalyptic chaos, but the first look at the last episode is really all about a core relationship... as well as a surprising new one. Barchie shippers rejoice, because Riverdale’s Season 6 finale promo shows Archie proposing to Betty at long last.

Spoiler alert: Don’t read on if you haven’t seen Riverdale Season 6, Episode 21. TBH, the central romances that used to be such a big part of Riverdale’s drama kinda took a backseat this season. There wasn’t really time for the whole Bughead versus Barchie versus Varchie dynamic or for Cheryl to pine for Toni since everyone was so focused on trying to take down an immortal dark wizard from the 16th century. Warding off demonic curses tends to get in the way of having a love life, apparently. But now that the gang was able to defeat Percival and send him to hell in Season 6’s penultimate episode, it’s finally time to dive into some matters of the heart.

The teaser clip for Season 6’s finale drops two huge bombshells. The first isn’t surprising, but will feel very fulfilling for longtime Barchie shippers: as doomsday approaches Riverdale, Archie gets down on one knee and proposes to Betty. The second revelation is where things get truly weird. The promo shows a quick flash of Cheryl kissing Veronica. Um, what!? Cheryl’s been cozying up with Heather all season, and totally has lingering feelings for her ex Toni, but there’s never really been any indication of something going on between her and Veronica. Plus, the last few Season 6 episodes have made it very clear Veronica is deep in her feelings for Archie once again.

It definitely looks like the finale is going to shake up some of the romantic pairings heading into Riverdale’s seventh and final season, if everyone lives to see it. Oh right, did I forget to mention the comet that’s about to blow up the town? Percival’s final act was redirecting Bailey’s Comet to crash into Riverdale. Averting this astral catastrophe will be the focus of the finale.

Find out if Archie and company can defeat a freaking comet when Riverdale’s Season 6 finale airs on The CW on Sunday, July 31, at 8 p.m. ET.